One can never have to many recipes for Venison. I mean, it's just not possible.

The Outdoor Channel...With the cooler weather coming, it's a great time to break out your crockpot and put it to use with one of these delicious recipes provided by The Outdoor Channel. YUM! ...Ahhh, here's a really nice selection of recipes to check out. Be sure you read the comment section once a recipe or two catches your eye. We always seem to find tweaks in the comments that either save time, and/or possibly make a good recipe even better!

The Food Network ...quite a few Venison recipes courtesy of Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali, Robert Irvine etc. We'll try recipes from these guys any time!

TasteOfHome Venison Recipes ...There aren't a lot of Venison recipes here, but the few they posted look exceptionally good. We also liked the section at the bottom "Safe Handling And Preparation" ...Sweet, you can look up a specific Venison recipe by the cut of meat. Useful!

We will keep looking for great recipes to share with you. We'll even add a few of our own soon :)


-Doug & Jen