Saturday, October 1, 2016

We Are Open for the 2018-2019 Season!
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Good luck hunters.....Remember to be safe!

Monday, August 1, 2016


DeerDoneRight operates in the hunting industry...

"Although there are many local people who process deer 
for hunters, there are few local companies that turn venison 
meat in to other products such as hot dogs, different types 
of sausage, and snack sticks"

While many deer hunters enjoy eating plain venison, a growing number of hunters have demonstrated a desire to turn their venison into these products for their family to enjoy.


Did someone say Pepperoni?...................

Our pepperoni has a zesty blend of spices that goes great on pizza, salad, a cheese tray, etc... It is similar in size and appearance to store bought pepperoni, but made from venison. Look for details on our "Our Products" page!

Hot Dogs

Our Old Fashioned Pop Open Hot Dogs are a favorite with our customers!

A summer staple, our hot dogs are a big seller. With a choice of traditional, cheese or Jalepeno & cheese, these will surely satisfy your cravings throughout the year. Check out the details on our "Our Products" page!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Breakfast Sausage

Nothing tastes better on a weekend morning than breakfast that includes sausage. We pride ourselves on our Breakfast Sausages. They are unique in flavor, Done Right (no pun intended) and down right delicious. Our customers love them! Details can be found on our "Our Products" page.

Italian Sausage

We don't mean to brag.....but this is some of the best fresh sausage that you will ever taste! There are many different varieties to choose from, ensuring all taste buds are accounted for. Our sausage is great done on the grill, cooked and added to your favorite pasta sauce, a staple in Jambalaya, or any other idea that you can dream up. Check out the specifics on our "Our Products" page. Enjoy!

Italian Sausage that's ready for pick-up

Grilled sausage is the best!


Our snack sticks are another popular seller. Similar to a Slim Jim (but larger in size), these snacks offer a robust flavor, making it impossible to eat just ONE! They are the perfect size for a portable snack, weather you are hunting in the woods or sitting in the stands at your favorite football stadium. They also freeze well, so that you can try to keep a few for later in the year.

Check out the varieties we have available on our "Our Products" page. We can make traditional, add cheese for those who want a little more, or even make them hot (Jalapeno or Habanero) to sooth your spicy side!